15 Celebrities Who Were Pregnant While Still On Set


Sometimes when a star gets pregnant, writers have to write new scripts or camera and blocking angles have to be changed to hide the pregnancy.  Some celebrities take a break from the big screen when they get pregnant…but others won’t let a baby bump keep them away from doing what they love.  Here are 15 celebrities who were pregnant while still on set.

1. Kerry Washington

Season three of Scandal features a very pregnant Kerry Washington, but in the storyline, her character, Olivia Pope, is not pregnant. Writers managed to hide the growing bump under winter coats and large purses, but ultimately the season had to be cut from 22 episodes to 18 in order to accommodate Washington’s pregnancy. Speculation over her waist size during the show’s run made her one of the most talked about pregnant celebrities of the year.


2. Hayden Panettiere

Writers decided to just go with the flow when Hayden Panettiere announced she was expecting while playing diva country star, Juliette Barnes on Nashville.  Suddenly the character was also pregnant so Hayden could stay on set comfortably all throughout her pregnancy.