15 Insanely Predictable Posters You Always Saw In College Dorms


In college, students look for ways to express themselves. The freedom of no longer being under the watchful eye of their parents means embracing the sides of their identity they never knew they had. It’s a time of self-discovery.

Or, at least, that’s what we’ve heard. But based on the familiar posters you see on every college campus, most students seem to be expressing a lot of the same ideas. After all, you’ve probably seen the following posters around your college campus:

1.) Dark Side of the Moon

A great album, surprisingly not made famous by college students who want to covertly advertise their desire for/possession of marijuana.


2.) Chat Noir

Pretty sure that this poster shows up in approximately all female dorms, ever. That’s not based on science, or anything, but it seems legit.


3.) Bluto

This classic image from Animal House is a familiar staple in college dorms. Mainly those of first-year students, who need to constantly remind themselves that they are actually in college.