15 Things Parents Do That Their Kids Imitate


You never understood what it was like to have person copy everything you do…until you had kids.  Suddenly, these little things are making the same noises and faces as you and laughing like you do.  They’re master imitators and it can be really adorable…and also very telling.  What things are you doing that might not be the best example for your kids?  Find out in these things parents do that their kids imitate.

1. The way you move

Kids will reflect you in so many ways.  If you are active, like to be outside and play– then your kids will too!  But, if you like to sit on the couch and play video games or look at your phone…how can you blame your kids when that’s all they want to do too?

Boy and Girl Running in Tall Grass

 2. Phone manners

Have you ever watched your child pick up a phone like you do and start jibber-jabbering away.  Well, watch closely and you’ll see how you talk to others on the phone.