18 Shades of Michael Clifford


Michael Clifford, 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead guitarist, dyes his hair more than most women and his fans can hardly keep up. No one can ever be sure what color his hair will be the next time they see him, but he has certainly undergone quite the hair color evolution in the past year alone. Here are 18 shades of Michael Clifford we’ve all known and loved.

1. Galaxy Michael


When Michael had his ever famous galaxy hair, he had a combination of pinks, blues and purples in his hair, all blending together perfectly to create the perfect supernova effect. The under layer of his hair was black, giving it even more of an out of this world depth. This was definitely a fan favorite that many wish he would rock again.


2. Chocolate Michael


Michael with basic brown hair only lasted briefly but it was a great period of time for many who really wanted him to leave his hair a normal, natural color. At this point, his hair looked healthy and blended well with his eyebrows.