20 Celebrities With Gap Teeth


Just because celebrities are on the big screen and in the media on a regular basis, it does not mean that they are perfect by any means. Celebrities have issues, just like we do. They break out, their hair doesn’t always turn out right and some even have dental issues. Here are 20 celebrities with gap teeth that should make it quite a bit easier for you to smile.


1. Elijah Wood


Elijah Wood has a gap in his teeth, but it has never seemed to bother him and it really came in handy back in the day when he played as Frodo Baggins in the hit movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings. We think he still looks cute.


2. Madonna


Madonna, the original Material Girl has a gap in her teeth that isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it, but it’s also not bothering her, and we think she looks great anyway. Besides, the gap is so small that it doesn’t affect her gorgeous smile.


3. Chris Martin

Chris Martinn

Chris Martin has a fairly noticeable gap in his teeth but has no intentions of getting it fixed. It doesn’t look bad and it doesn’t affect the way that he sings, so why should he care? It makes his smile more unique.