The Best Time Of Year To Buy Anything


Whether you’re shopping online or swinging by a thrift store, looking for a cellphone or some holiday airfare, some months are always better than others when it comes to getting the best deals. There might be an abundance of stock or an upcoming holiday sale, or maybe things are just cheaper for the hell of it. No matter the reason, certain items are much less expensive depending on the time of year. This guide will help you become the best shopper you can be.

Sales Chart

January – Motorcycles, Broadway Tickets, Furniture, Carpets, Clothing, Video Games, Gift Cards

February – Coats, Broadway Tickets, Cellphones, TVs, Boats, Air Conditioners, Gas Grills

March – Chocolate, Frozen Food, Luggage, Golf Clubs

April – Cruises, Sneakers, TVs, Vacuums, Thrift Stores, Houses

May – Refrigerators, Mattresses, Office Furniture, Kitchen Appliances, Cookware

June – Houses, Thrift Stores, Digital Cameras, Vacuums, Dishware, Gym Memberships, Tools

July – Computers, Tools, Video Games, Home Decor, Furniture

August – School Supplies, Kid’s Clothing, Swimsuits, Linen, Storage Cases, Computers, Office Furniture

September – School Supplies, Lawnmowers, Bicycles, Broadway Tickets, Appliances, Cars, Wine, Holiday Airfare

October – Digital Cameras, Gas Grills, Air Conditioners, Appliances, Broadway Tickets, Jeans, Patio Furniture, Cars

November – Appliances, Candy, Plants, Electronics, Tools, Toys, Games

December – Electronics, Toys, Games, Appliances, Tools, Weddings, Golf Clubs, Pools, Televisions, Champagne