Top 10 Fake Looking Celebrities


Everyone has their own idea of beauty, so what one person may find attractive, another person may not. Most of us have something that we would love to change about ourselves, whether it be the shape of our nose or the size of our breasts. This is one of the reasons that plastic surgery is such a booming industry. Sure, it’s fine to have some work done if it boosts your confidence, but these celebrities have taken their plastic surgeries way too far and no longer look real or natural. See for yourself what going under the knife too frequently can do to your appearance by looking at these fake looking celebrities.

1. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic surgeries in just one day and had just about everything you could imagine done to her body, from a rhinoplasty to having breast implants. Today, she doesn’t look like the Heidi we remember from The Hills at all.



2. Joan Rivers

Before passing away, Joan Rivers had so much work done to her face that she was basically made of plastic. She had numerous nose jobs, tons of Botox injections and face lifts during her life.