10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World


Yachting is for the wealthy, as it is a pastime of luxury and relaxation. Owning a yacht, by any means, is not cheap. Unlike yachts of the past, however, today’s yachts are filled with the best technology, gadgets and amenities you could ever dream of. Some of these yachts have their own bars, swimming pools, bowling alleys and so, so much more but all of this luxury comes with a huge price tag. Sure, you can buy a yacht, but buying one of the yachts on this list is going to cost you at least one life’s savings, if not your savings from the afterlife as well. Here are the 10 most expensive yachts in the world for your drooling pleasure.

1. The Rising Sun


The Rising Sun yacht is worth over $200 million dollars and has its very own basketball court which doubles as a helicopter landing pad. There is also a movie theater, a wine cellar and 82 rooms spread out over five stories. Every room is filled with luxury, but some people won’t ever have this much money in a lifetime and The Rising Sun is nothing more than a dream with a huge price tag.


2. The Seven Seas


The Seven Seas, another $200 million dollar yacht is obviously absolutely gorgeous. The yacht is able to accommodate 12 guests in 7 lavish suites. There is also a fabulous owner’s cabin, which has housed the likes of Steven Spielberg once upon a time. The ship boasts a movie theater, helipad, a gym and a infinity pool overlooking the water. There is also an owner’s deck for when you want to relax and float into solitude.