The 10 Most Hilarious Sexting Fails


The rise of mobile phones has brought with it the rise of a phenomenon we’ve all become familiar with: texting. Texting, or text messaging, is among the most popular forms of communication in the world, and while many say that it’s on its way out because of free messaging apps on smartphones, many people still use SMS in their daily conversations.

Of course, because we text for just about everything, it only makes sense that we use texting for flirting and courtship as well. And thus, sexting was born. Sexting, or sending sexually explicit messages and images via text, has been the subject of various news reports in recent years, but the truth is, as long as it’s done by consenting adults, there’s really no harm in it. It’s entertaining and super funny, and as long as you make sure you’re protecting yourself and your privacy, sexting is a good way to… pass the time, if you know what I mean. But what happens when your sexting goes wrong? It’s about as awkward and embarrassing as being caught with your pants down.

With surveys reporting that “nearly 95% of the Americans who admit to sexting… say they send sexual thoughts or ideas, 38% say they send sexy selfies and 36% send explicit images,” it’s really no surprise that there are so many entertaining sexts out there. Here’s a roundup of the 10 funniest sexting fails.

1. Is there anything more awkward and embarrassing than accidentally creating the wrong mental image? Apparently, there is, and it involves handling feminine products with your mouth.



2. I don’t understand how you can accidentally sext your own parents… but when something like this happens, it’s both hilarious and sad at the same time.