10 Insane Facts You Wont Believe About North Korea


#1 The North Korean Government Told a Lot of Unbelievable Stories About Kim Jong-Il

The KCNA (that’s Korean Central News Agency to you and me) were well-known for sharing bizarre facts about former leader Kim Jong-Il before he passed away. Among them were the fact that he “rode a motorcycle to school every day as a teen”, “once got nine hole-in-ones during a game of golf”, and that “there was a double rainbow at the moment of his birth”.

Later information revealed that, not only was he not born on Baekdu Mountain in North Korea, but that he wasn’t even born in the country! His family were actually based in Russia at the time.

#2 Ryugyong Hotel

A well-known landmark in Pyongyang (the capital of NK) is the Ryugyong Hotel, which has never been completed despite construction starting at the tail-end of the 80’s. It lay dormant for many years before a recent attempt to spruce up the exterior.

This 105-story pyramid-shaped hotel was widely considered to be not only completely unnecessary, but also a reckless use of resources. This — considering the fact that the country has suffered from severe famine and general struggles with poverty — is a fairly reasonable assessment of the situation.