10 Kids Who Were Millionaires by 20


Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire, but some people clearly have a better handle on it. You would think that someone older and wiser would be able to achieve becoming a millionaire easier than a kid, but these 10 kids proved that’s not the case. By time these kids were 20, they never had to worry about what they would do for money for the rest of their lives, because they made bank. Here are 10 kids who became multi-millionaires before they hit that ripe, old age of 20 and had to sign up for AARP.


1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson made well over a million dollars when she played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. She also has been working as an model and continues her acting career. Lately, she’s been working as an activist and getting involved with philanthropies, proving that work is something she does because she wants to, not because she has to.



2. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire before he was 20 when he “came up” with the idea for Facebook. He didn’t stop with being a millionaire, however, and became a billionaire by time he was 23. Now he can sit around and do nothing but browse Facebook for the rest of his life.