20 Most Perfectly Timed Photos


 #1 Just Call Me Doctor

Nothing like squeezing in a rectal exam during your soccer game.

soccer guys

 #2 Sexy Legs

Who would’ve thought this bartender’s legs would be so slim and sexy!?

guygirl legs

#3 Defying Nature

Oh it’s just a male figure skater giving birth to an adult female figure skater. No big deal.


 #4 You’re Going To Need A Bigger Crane

It looks like this crane is intending to pick up the Eiffel Tower, but something tells me they might need something a bit larger.


#5 That’s A Bike Seat, Really

This is a comedy of errors. His bike seat is the same color as his pants.

bike couple


 #6 Another Guy With Sexy Legs!

This funny positioning makes it look like this guy has the smoothest legs on the planet!


 #7 The News Is So Depressing!

This squirrel looks so intent like he’s reading The New York Times Sunday edition. Where’s his cup of coffee?


#8 That’s Going To Leave A Mark!

I mean…ouch. That has got to hurt. He will definitely wake up with a black eye, but has a cool souvenir to prove it!


#9 Married To A Mare

I’d rather not believe  it, but it almost looks like the poor guy fell in love so hard that he married a horse. Only in America…


#10 Fish Head

This fame-hungry fish timed this moment perfectly to ruin this snorkeler’s photo, making his head appear as that of a fish.


#11 The Power Of Buddha

This shot was taken at the perfect moment and angle.


#12 Cat Face

This picture is beautiful, artistic and full of creativity. The reflections in the window perfectly combine the smiling little girl’s and cat’s faces together.


#13 You’ll Blow Your Head Off

This is the moment when the gymnast literally lost her head.


#14 I Heart New York Lightning

There are thousands of perfectly-timed pictures out there that capture the beauty of a lightning bolt across a city skyline. The talented photographer who snapped this picture below probably waited for hours in the perfect place to click and document this magical moment.



#15 Shark Selfie

Selfies are the new trend on social media that has taken the world by storm, with millions of people (regular and well-known) sharing their own every day, and even a song written about them. The picture below is undoubtedly the most courageous selfie I’ve ever seen. The guy was clearly desperate to capture the moment with his favorite actor, Jaws.


#16 The Magic Carpet

We can’t see Aladdin in the picture below, and it doesn’t look like an Arabic desert, but the magic carpet is still more than happy to make an appearance.


#17 Pegasus? Is that you?

If it was white, we could say that Pegasus does exist.


#18 Photogenic Tiger

This stunning picture was captured at the perfect moment, and is full of intricate detail. Gorgeous.


 #19 (Bonus) Full Moon On Tower Bridge

This picture was taken during the London Olympics in 2012 on an idyllic English summer night. The way the moon sits perfectly below and between the Olympic rings demonstrates a perfect combination that, perhaps, some of us won’t see again in this lifetime.


 #20 Crystal Ball Into The Future

It looks like President Obama is staring into a crystal ball, perhaps asking it what the future holds for him once he’s finished his presidential term.


 #21 Mythical Creature

It’s not everyday that you see a creature that is half woman half zebra!

zebra legs

#22 I Now Pronounce You Owl And Wife

Do you think this bride knows she is marrying a half man-half owl?

owl head