10 Pointless, Funny, and Terrifying Websites You’ve Never Seen Before


#1 theuselessweb.com

The Useless Web is an interesting online experiment that endeavors to share with you some of the most random websites on the internet (most seem to be completely safe for work, by the way). Just click the “Please” button on the front page and marvel at the strange corners of the web where you’ll find yourself!

#2 wwwdotcom.com

Wwwdotcom is apparently the last page of the internet. It’s a wonder why anyone would think to create something like this, much less pay to keep it online.

#3 ismycomputeron.com

Much like the previous entry in this list, ismycomputeron.com simply responds to the question with the only possible answer. I’m not sure if we should be feeding this kind of nonsense.

#4 mouchette.org

Definitely one of the more content-rich sites on this list, mouchette is as bewildering as it is unsettling. The author claims to be a 13 year old artist from France. Why she needs to produce such creepy material at such a young age is beyond me.

#5 zombo.com

This strange site uses a combination of brightly colored shapes and animations, while audio of a man proclaims “Welcome to zombo.com!”, “This is zombo.com!”, and even “The infinite is possible at zombo.com!”. Crazy! But kinda funny.

#6 thisisnotatest.com

Easily the most useless of any of these sites, thisisnotatest.com simply displays the color test palette you’d sometimes see on terrestrial television.

#7 nothinginthebox.com

This seems to be an ideological tongue-in-cheek jab at consumer society. Nevertheless, it still maintains an air of strangeness and so we’ve included it here.

#8 superbad.com

Superbad features a low-resolution image of garfield, a nonsensical puzzle that alters a grid when you move the mouse cursor over it, and some letters about a boy who stole money to buy beef. I’m sure there are many other pages, but it creeped the hell out of me so I stopped there.

#9 jodi.org

Jodi.org features a collection of seemingly useless content including unspecified programming code, a page of randomized links, and some strange images.

#10 myboyfriendcamebackfromth.ewar.ru

This takes the cake. Words cannot describe how unsettled I felt after visiting this website. Totally recommended! /s