10 Quick And Cozy DIYs For Fall


1. Patchwork Cowl

Put those leftover fabric scraps to good use with a fun print mashup cowl.

Patchwork Cowl


2. Painted Leaf Animals

A great project to do with your kids! Turn leaves from the yard into adorable animal art.

Painted Leaf Animals


3. Gilded Pillows

You can sew these from scratch, or upgrade store-bought throw pillows with a little bit of gold fabric paint.

Gilded Pillows


4. Embellished Skirt

Dig out an old skirt and give a fall-worthy upgrade with a few stitches of lace.

Embellished Skirt


5. Rustic Bouquet

Add a touch of autumn color to your home decor with a beautiful paper flower bouquet.

Rustic Bouquet


6. Fall Hoop Embroidery

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some easy leaf embroidery.

Fall Hoop Embroidery


7. Bold Chains

Cold rhymes with gold, which is why you should up your fall bling factor with some serious jewels.

Bold Chains

8. Textured Wall Art

Add a textural element to your interiors with richly colored wall hangings.

Textured Wall Art


9. Hanging Vases

Savor the last bit of your beautiful summer blooms with pretty hanging wall vases.

Hanging Vases


10. Simple Votives

Create some autumnal ambience with modern cement votive holders.

Simple Votives