101 Things You Should Know About In Life


We’re constantly being hit with life lessons and well-meaning advice. With so much to know and so little time, life gets pretty hard, so we’ve put together a compact list of 101 important things you should be informed about in this crazy, beautiful thing called life!

1. You are your own responsibility: Nobody is going to get you success for you. It’s all dependant on how badly you want it and what you’ll do to get it. Don’t use external factors as an excuse for yourself if you haven’t done everything in your power to make your situation better.

2. Nobody cares about you: Beyond some curiosity or desire to be in-the-know, most people don’t truly care about you. They might like your latest instagram photo or favorite your tweet, but it likely means little more than satisfying their own needs, so don’t let others’ opinions of you affect your personal satisfaction.

3. Independence: Other people can’t run your life for you. Only you can achieve your goals for yourself, so learning to thrive independently is one of the greatest skills you can have.

4. Haters gon’ hate: People are judgmental by nature, and the more attractive, more accomplished, more talented you are, the more inclined people are to hate you. Everyone’s a critic, so use their criticism to improve yourself, but don’t let it stop you from doing you.

5. You’re not the sun: Even though making a constant effort to improve yourself is great, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the world revolves around you. Make yourself the best you can be, but realize that you’re only one small person of the many that exist in the world.


6. Be ambitious in everything you do: While you shouldn’t expect everything to always go your way, you can aim for higher places. Aim for the moon; even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

7. Give reasons, not excuses: If you made a mistake or committed a wrong-doing, just be honest and give reasons. But do not give excuses, meant to displace the blame or push it onto external factors. Own up to your faults and do better next time. Honesty and accountability builds a good rep that will serve you well in the future.

8. The sum: In every experience, you learn something new, develop a new perspective on something, become a slightly different version of yourself. You are the sum of your experiences. Allow your experiences to define you into someone better than who you were yesterday.

9. Have confidence: For all the introverts, queer people, or naturally shy types out there, confidence is a struggle. But don’t shy (haha) away from it, because confidence can be achieved by everyone. You don’t have to be loud and boisterous; confidence comes from within.

10. Learn to learn: The world is changing so rapidly that yesterday’s news could be history by tomorrow. In order to be relevant and valuable, the greatest skill of all is the ability to learn.