12 Of The Most Awesome Cheerleader Fails… Ouch!


They are there to entertain the crowd with their jumps, songs and short clothes. Hockey, NBA, NFL, soccer, and many other sports always have their cheerleaders at the ready to do some crazy movements… but sometimes, not everything goes to plan. Instead, hilarious events take place, creating a whole new category altogether of entertainment for us, the ‘cheerleader fails’. Here’s a selection of the 12 most awesome fails. “Gimme an F, gimme an A, gimme an I, gimme an L!” FAIL!


#1 Fatality

We don’t know about you guys, but for us, this looks like some fatality from Mortal Kombat. It’s a movement that takes a lot of skill, but when applied to the opponent, it’s pretty hilarious. The poor girl doesn’t even know what hit her.


 #2 Oops!

Everyone knows that sometimes, the adrenaline and nerves for an important event or presentation can be very, er… destructive for not only our stomach, but our underwear, too. Oh well, sh*t happens.


 #3 The Frog Movement

The frog movement is an extremely difficult movement that can take many years of practise to get it just right. So, never try it if you’re not totally confident that you can do it… ’cause you’ll be saying goodbye to your spine, that’s for sure. Ouch!


 #4 The Hungry Mascot

Okay, so we can’t figure out if this one is staged, or purely accidental… but imagine the reaction of the audience when this comedy gold occurred. The flappy pink tongue of the weird mascot makes it even more hilarious.


 #5 Crash, Boom, Bang!

Is this the most awkward picture ever taken, or what? It looks like Miley Cyrus came along on her wrecking ball and destroyed this cheerleader pyramid completely. When you try to find one seemingly normal face in the photo, it’s almost impossible… we guess everyone is still in that stage of wondering what the f*ck just happened.


 #6 The Unlucky Backflip

We feel bad for this girl who probably trained for weeks to get her backflip just right, but almost broke her spine on the actual night of the performance. What’s funnier is the cheerleader on her right. Just for a moment, she considers helping her friend, but decided not to. That’s it, girl! Your friend could die, but finishing your part is more important. Kids these days…

 #7 It’s A Long Way To The Top

The Cheerleader Philosophy Book, Chapter 4, Page 67: “It’s not easy to get to the top. Some of us will get there, some of us won’t… but the important thing is to not lose faith in your team.” We wonder how many cheerleaders actually reached page 67 without a struggle.


 #8 Watch Out!

We already spoke about the stomach problems that adrenaline and high expectations seem to cause in #2… in fact, it seems to be quite a frequent occurrence in Cheerleaderville! We feel pretty sorry for the cheerleaders that are placed right on the receiving end of this problem.


 #9 Uncontrollable Truck

This poor cheerleader was busy being as professional as she could be, when she got run over by an uncontrollable truck.  on her movements to the crown when she was run over by a uncontrolled truck. could be worse, but she survived…


 #10 Heavyweight Cheerleader

Contrary to popular belief, there’s not only skinny blonde cheerleaders in the world. God bless all those brave men who have to hold this heavy specimen of cheerleader on their shoulders.


 #11 The Bad Mascot

Not all the mascots you see are the happy, smiley, wavey, get-the-crowd’s-attention type. Some of them are downright mischievous, and prefer to get the audience’s attention doing stuff like this. In fact, being a mascot doesn’t sound like such a bad idea for a career…


#12 The Enemy

This couple below were friends for a long time, training together day after day and preparing for this magical event. Just when he thought he was finally out of the friendzone, this happened. Look how angry she is! Bad luck, dude.