The 12 Greatest Easter Eggs From The Marvel Movies That You Never Noticed


We will now discuss the famous Easter Eggs from Marvel, which is one of the most entertaining parts of watching a movie from the House of Ideas. Marvel Studios has been producing movies for almost 7 years, in which time they’ve created 10 awesome productions. What’s even better is that there are still many more to come. Throughout these years and productions, many Easter Eggs have appeared within the Marvel movies. Have you noticed them before? Here are the 12 best Easter Eggs seen in the films.


#1 Journey Into Mystery – Thor

These little Easter Eggs can be found in both movies. Early on in the first film, we can see an advertisement sign in the city of New Mexico where Thor is sent. In the picture is the caption “Land of Enchantment – Journey Into Mystery”. This is the name of the first comic where Thor made his first appearance in Marvel HQ. In Thor: The Dark World, there is a poster in London with something similar. “Live the Journey, Explore the Mystery.” Another reference to one of the HQ’s of the Asgardian God.


 #2 Rhodey’s Ringtone – Iron Man

In the first Iron Man when Tony Stark calls James Rhodes after his release from the Afghan village captured by terrorists, we can hear that Rhodey has a personalized ringtone for Stark. It is a mini version of the theme song for the Iron Man 1966 cartoon.


 #3 Ravens Of Odin – Thor

In comics and Nordic mythology, Odin has two ravens (Hugin and Munin) that tell him everything they see and hear inside the Nine Realms. In fact, they are also present in Film Universe. In Thor, they can be seen on Odin’s throne at Thor’s coronation, at the beginning of the film. In The Dark World, we see Odin listening to one of the ravens as it speaks into his ear. In The Avengers, the ravens pass by flying in the scene where Thor has a discussion with Loki at the top of a mountain.


#4 The Avengers Tower – The Avengers

The events that occurred during the film’s climax destroyed various points in the city, including the Stark Tower of Iron Man.
On the marquee that read the word ‘Stark’, only the A keeps intact. Why? Because it’s a clear signal to the Avengers Tower. In the Age of Ultron, the tower should be shown, adapted to be the house of the super-group and its new members.


#5 Project Pegasus – The Avengers

In The Avengers movie, a secret operation from SHIELD has the purpose of studying the Tesseract. This operation was called Project Pegasus. In the comics, there also exists a Project Pegasus. It is an operation aimed at finding alternate dimensions! Will we see other realities in the Marvel Film Universe? That is the question…

#6 Yggdrasil – Captain America

When Johann Schmidt is searching for the Teseract at the beginning of Captain America, we see a mural on the back wall. The film set was built in a Norwegian church and the mural is Yggdrasil, The Tree of Worlds from Norse mythology, that connects the nine realms of Asgard and Midgard.


#7 The Thor Hammer – Iron Man 2

At the end of Iron Man 2, Agent Phil Coulson reports to his superiors that he has just made a discovery in the desert of New Mexico. The camera then shows a mighty hammer that fans instantly recognize as the powerful Mjolnir.


#8 Lou Ferrigno – The Incredible Hulk

Lou Ferrigno was the actor who played Hulk in the TV series shown in the 70s and 80s. Amazingly, the same actor made a brief appearance in the movie The Incredible Hulk. He played the guard at the University of Culver, who received money from Bruce Banner to allow the scientist to get access to the campus computers. He also made the voice of Hulk when Bruce Banner was transformed.


#9 The Shield of Captain America – Iron Man and Iron Man 2

There is no explanation as to why we see Captain America’s shield in Tony Stark’s lab, but some say that the billionaire could be working on a replica of the symbol of Steve Rogers. In the first Iron Man movie, we can see the shield on the table when Tony removes his armor for the first time. In Iron Man 2, the shield appears in the scene when Tony is working on the particle accelerator.


 #10 Universe 616 – Thor: The Dark World

One of the most intriguing Easter Eggs so far is when “616 Universe” appears scrawled on Erik Selvig’s blackboard. Marvel’s Main Universe in the comics is also known as 616. Hmmm…


#11 Roxxon – Iron Man

During the fight with Iron Monger in Iron Man, a Roxxon building logo can be seen in the background. In the comics, Roxxon is the company that is responsible for the death of Stark’s parents.


#12 The Mandarin’s Captain America Tattoo – Iron Man 3

When the Mandarin takes off his hood in Iron Man 3, he reveals a tattoo on the back of his neck that looks like a Captain America shield with the sign for anarchy in the centre of it.