15 Things Only Best Friends Understand


You can’t choose your family, and in some ways, you don’t choose your best friend either. Being best friends with someone just comes naturally. Maybe it’s because of all of the weird things they know about you or just seem to “get”. Regardless, your best friends understand things about you that no one else ever could.

1. Money Problems

Your best friend is the only person who should know how terrible you are at budgeting money, or how many times a month you are so broke that you can’t even afford Top Ramen. And your best friends only know because they’re the ones spotting your booze for the rest of the month.
Money Problems

2. Heartbreaks

Only your best friend gets how you felt during your last breakup. Your best friend knows how embarrassed you are about how you acted during that breakup, because they were there for every mascara reapplication and every new gallon of ice cream that got opened. They were there for it all. If breakup songs aren’t really your style, check out these seventeen songs to make you love your best friend more than ever.