13 Summaries of the Creepiest Urban Legends ( A Few Are True! )


Everyone’s heard an urban legend, whether it was evilly whispered to you by your mean siblings, passed around the campfire, or read under the covers as a child. More often than not, we’ve wondered if these stories were true – and if they were, whether or not the Boogeyman come to get us! If you want a spook, these 13 urban legends will be sure to creep you out – especially when you discover which of these stories are actually true! Read to the end to find out!

Mama’s Ghost

One afternoon in England, a middle-aged woman and her husband were visiting her mother’s grave. As her husband waited in the car, she respectfully left flowers and did what people usually do at the graves of their loved ones. While she was walking back, she decided to snap a picture of her husband in the car. Several days later, the wife dropped by the store to pick up her developed photos and received quite a shock when she saw the photo from the graveyard. Somehow, her deceased mother appeared to be sitting in the passenger seat of the car beside her husband!