13 Summaries of the Creepiest Urban Legends ( A Few Are True! )


The Choking Doberman

One evening, a young couple returned home rather late after meeting friends to find their large Doberman choking in the living room. Instead of calling up the vet or trying to save it, the man fainted on the spot, leaving his partner to deal with the situation. She promptly called her friend, who was a vet, and rushed the dog to her offices. Upon returning home, she was trying to drag her husband upstairs when the telephone rang. She considered not answering, but given the time of night, she figured it had to be an important message. Right she was, as she picked up the phone to the frantic voice of her vet friend. Her friend was hysterically screaming into the receiver and it seemed like she was telling them to get out of the house immediately. Confused, the woman began to drag her husband to the front door, but before she could even get outside, police began to run in. When she asked what was going on, a policeman explained that their dog had been choking on a human finger. At that moment, they located an unconscious burglar in the bathroom who was missing a finger.

Doberman Pinscher growling -  horizontal 413045
Doberman Pinscher growling – horizontal

The Red Room

In Japan, there is a Red Room Curse that is rumoured to travel the internet. It’s a simple pop-up quiz game that appears on your monitor. The game starts off by asking, “Do you like the Red Room?” in Japanese writing. You continue to click through the questions until you arrive at a list of names – the last names probably being those of your friends, and the final name being your own. The next day, you’re found dead from suicide in your room with your blood on the walls.