The 13 Funniest Moments To Ever Happen In Football


Football, or ‘soccer’ as it is also called in many countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Almost everyone has their own team to support, whether it’s their local team, or the one they were raised by their family to support. Footballers not only score the goals we’ve been hoping for and demonstrate their skills on the pitch, but they’re also capable of giving us viewers some pretty hilarious moments, too. Here’s a selection of the 13 funniest and craziest moments to ever occur in this sport that we all love to love. You’ll definitely thank us later.

#1 Twister

Ladies and gentlemen – sometimes, footballers grow bored of constantly running after the ball, and decide to play another well-known game, instead. These fellas below decided to play a game of ‘Twister’.