13 Video Games You’ll Want to Check Out in 2015


Each year, there are hundreds of new video games that get released. Some of these games are more popular and anticipated than others, while some fall to the wayside without the proper recognition. If you’re into gaming and can’t wait for some new plays, here are 13 video games you’ll want to check out in 2015.

1. Bloodborne

If you have ever played Dark Souls and loved it, there is a great chance that you will love 2015’s release by Hidetaka Miyazaki called Bloodborne. In this game, you will go on a journey into a dark and diseased world, filled with madness, horror and of course, plenty of blood. This is an action combat game where you will be supplied with an arsenal of unique weapons to defend yourself from the evil lurking in the gothic city.


2. Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a new Resident Evil game that is being released in weekly episodes. You’ll want to get yourself reacquainted with the hallways of Spencer Mansion before playing, but if you have been a big fan of Resi games in the past, you’ll definitely love this one. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to on a weekly basis. A retail disc version will also be released in March 2015.

Resident Evil


3. Kodoku

If you’re into weird games, there’s a great chance you’re going to absolutely love Kodoku. This game is going to be set on a deserted island where the player will have to use strategic tactics to survive. Of course, there will be plenty of Lovecraftian monsters that are combined with elements of Japanese mythology to keep you busy as well. Kodoku


SOMA is a first-person survival horror game, perfect for players who enjoyed games like Silent Hill, The Evil Within or even Alien Isolation. You’ll be playing as a character named Simon who is in a research lab, beneath the sea, and isn’t sure how he got there. You’ll have plenty of scares to keep things interesting and there will also be robots, as well. This game is a highly anticipated release for 2015.


5. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a game, based on the plot of every slasher film ever know. 8 teenagers are hidden away on a mountain, where they’re drinking, partying and having a good time, however, they are not as alone on the mountain as they think they are. On this mountain, all 8 of the characters will either make it through the night or die, based on the player making the right choices at the right time.

Until Dawn

6. Friday the 13th: The Video Game

In the new Friday the 13th game, you will be able to play as either Jason Voorhees or as the teenagers at the summer camp that he terrorizes. Regardless of whether you play as the serial killer or one of the teenagers. this is a survival horror game where you will have to do everything possible to keep yourself alive. There will be all the scares you can imagine and the game will be able to be replayed again and again.


7. Darkwood

Another survival horror game, Darkwood will take you into a dark, wooded forest where there are plenty of crazies on the loose that want to attack and kill you. The woods are foggy, which makes the game all the more difficult. The fear that this game unleashes on players will make you doubt any feelings of safety you may ever have while playing.


8. Fatal Frame V

In Fatal Frame V, you’ll be playing as one of three characters. You can play as Yuuri, who is able to speak to ghosts and ventures into the mountainside to find her boss, Ren, a professor, or Miu, who is the daughter of the main character of previous Fatal Frame games. You’ll kill ghosts, participate in rituals and there will be plenty of scares to keep you entertained. FFV

9. The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is a third person, cover based shooter game where you will have plenty of scary things lurking around every corner. You will have to fight off a werewolf in an abandoned London hospital, and there will be plenty of the occult, gothic and other fearful things added into the game. Of course, werewolves are a huge part of it as well and leave you wanting to play more and more.

The Order

10. Doom

The new Doom game will go back to the Doom roots, as it is set on Mars, which is overrun with demons. During an experiment, a portal to Hell will open up, unleashing even more evil for the player in this first-person shooter game. You’ll be able to see when demons are dying so that you can rip off their jaws, stomp on their hearts and so much more. This game will have all the great features you knew and loved from the original Doom with some awesome new additions!


11. Outlast 2

Outlast is another highly anticipated first-person survival shooter game, Its going to take place in the same universe as the first Outlast game did, but the entire plot is going to be different. The characters and the setting are going to be much different but the game will feature the same elements of terror that were enjoyed by players in the first game.


12. H1Z1

If you love zombies and dream about what you would do to survive the zombie apocalypse, you’re definitely going to want to play H1Z1. In this game, you’ll play in the US, post-zombie apocalypse and you’ll have to find a way to survive without the undead killing you. You will have to work with other survivors and make use of the scarce resources that you find during gameplay. There are no safe zones, so you’ll have to fight the entire time just to live another day.


13. Her Story

Her Story is a new serial mystery game, where the gameplay unfolds for you like a police procedure. You’ll find tons of questioning, have access to a police terminal and while the game doesn’t have jump scares, it has a dark undercurrent that will make your skin crawl while you play. It’s being created by the same man who created Silent Hill, so if you enjoyed that game, you’ll like Her Story as well.

Her Story