14 Awesome Cloud Formations To Light Up Your Day!


Everyone loves clouds! Cloud-watching can be one of the greatest hobbies, past time, or just simple joy anyone can have. We enjoy the clear blue sky, the warm light, and- of course- the different cloud formations we can see. It’s undeniable that our imaginations play a huge part on how we see clouds. Those wanting ice cream for example, can see ice creams or those wanting to get pregnant can see baby shaped cloud formations. But, feast your eyes and rest your imaginations for awhile. Here are awesome cloud formations that resemble awesome animals and things, from dragons to dogs, we’ve got them!

1. Dragon breathing fire made of cloud!1

2. A giant bird flying over a majestic horizon!2

3. An angel blowing a trumpet!


4. A cloud formation resembling a rolling ocean!


5. An eagle cloud flying over the city!


6. A wolf with the light on it’s breath!


7. A cloud formation that gave a tree another shot at having leaves!


8. A hole in the sky!


9. Godzilla up in the sky!


10. Jumping dog!10

11. A volcano in the sky!11

12. Dolphin swimming in the clouds!


13. Godzilla with fire breath activated!13

14. A feather cloud formation about to fall from the sky!