15 Amazing Transformations With Makeup


`Some women love to wear makeup while others simply hate it. To each their own, right? Makeup, however, can make a huge difference in the way you look and can give your face a whole different shape and appearance when done right. Here are 15 amazing transformations with makeup that will leave you absolutely amazed.



This girl was looking pretty rough before she did her makeup. She probably had just gotten out of bed, but with the makeup on, she looks a lot different and definitely better. She’s clearly applied some foundation, bronzer and eye makeup, but the contouring she’s done on her face has definitely changed the shape and made her look absolutely gorgeous. Her nose even looks more slender and button-like. This look is definitely working for this girl!




Taking a look at the before and after pictures of this lady, we notice a huge difference. Not only is her face a completely different shape, thanks to contouring, highlighting and blending, but her nose also looks much thinner as well! She goes from looking tired and a few years older than what she actually is to looking completely gorgeous and glamorous and she has ditched the blotchiness and pimples. The bordeaux lipstick is also a great finishing touch.




Here we have a woman whose skin tone is very uneven, but she found a way to make herself look beautiful with some highlighting techniques. As you can see, she’s used a lighter makeup on the areas of her face where the lighting would hit naturally, giving her a nice glow. She’s also contoured, brought out her cheekbones and added some sexy, smoky eye makeup to finish the look. She’s gone from uneven to amazing.




Here we can see a total transformation. Even before applying a ton of makeup, this woman was gorgeous, but we definitely love what she did using makeup. Her eyebrows have taken on a completely different shape and her skin looks to be absolutely flawless.

Makeup 4


Here we have a woman with uneven skin tone, acne and uneven eyebrows. Its safe to say that she looks basic at best in the first picture, but after applying foundation, some bronzer, lip stick and eye makeup, as well as filling in her brows, she looks absolutely glamorous and sexy. What a transformation!



This woman clearly looked tired and worn out without makeup. Her skin tone was uneven and her face was definitely broke out. With some heavy concealer and foundation, smokey eyeshadow and filled in brows, she looks years younger and much more glamorous.




Here is a woman who looked tired and had bags and dark circles under her eyes. With some foundation, blush, concealer and contouring, as well as some eye makeup, she looks years younger and like she got a peaceful night of sleep.

Makeup 7



This picture, or series of, goes to show that contouring and highlighting can make a whole world of difference in the way someone looks, as well as the way their face is shaped. This girl used bronzer and highlighter and made her face look slimmer, and helped to brighten up her facial features. She looks like a totally new person and we think she looks gorgeous! The step by step is also very helpful for those wanting to learn how to contour.




Lets just be blunt and honest. Before this woman put on her makeup, she looked a mess. Her face was blotchy and she just looked like another mom who didn’t have time to do anything with herself before running the kids to school. With makeup, however, she looks totally different. Her complexion is even and with the dark, smoky eyes, she looks glamorous and sexy. This look definitely works for her, especially with how blonde she is.




This woman got a total makeover for the better. At first, she had skin that was not even whatsoever. Her eyes were not defined and she looked pretty washed out. Throw on some foundation, bronzer and eye makeup and she looks like a model. This is a great transformation. Her skin is clear and gorgeous and the makeup definitely did wonders for her.

Makeup 10



Defined cheekbones can make you look so much different, as can be seen with this woman. Before applying makeup, her face looked pretty plain and boring. With the makeup highlighting her cheekbones, however, she has definition and the eyeshadow really helps her eyes to pop. We love her new look!

Makeup 11



This girl had a terrible complexion. She had acne, blemishes and a really uneven skin tone, probably from prior acne problems. Her eyebrows were quite the mess and her eyes didn’t stand out, until she applied some pretty heavy concealer, foundation and bronzer. Her skin now looks even and clear and her eyes stand out with the smoky makeup and fake lashes. She filled her brows in for more eye accentuation. Now, she looks like a whole different girl.

Makeup 12



This woman looked okay without makeup, but with it, she looks incredibly gorgeous. She applied some foundation for a flawless finish and some smoky eye makeup, as well as false lashes. The lip gloss is the perfect pop of pink color on her face. She looks stunning and ready for a night out!




Here is a woman who looked tired and washed out without makeup, but with it, she looks fabulous and gorgeous. She shows in the series of photos just how she went about contouring her face. We notice the gorgeous uplighting and how she used bronzer to slim down the bridge of her nose. The eye makeup also looks great.

Makeup 14



This woman had pretty clear skin, but it was a bit blemished. With some great foundation and bronzer, she got a gorgeous glow. She also filled in her eyebrows to accent her eyes better and added some smoky eye makeup to make her blue eyes pop. What a difference!

Makeup 15