15 Amazing Transformations With Makeup


`Some women love to wear makeup while others simply hate it. To each their own, right? Makeup, however, can make a huge difference in the way you look and can give your face a whole different shape and appearance when done right. Here are 15 amazing transformations with makeup that will leave you absolutely amazed.



This girl was looking pretty rough before she did her makeup. She probably had just gotten out of bed, but with the makeup on, she looks a lot different and definitely better. She’s clearly applied some foundation, bronzer and eye makeup, but the contouring she’s done on her face has definitely changed the shape and made her look absolutely gorgeous. Her nose even looks more slender and button-like. This look is definitely working for this girl!




Taking a look at the before and after pictures of this lady, we notice a huge difference. Not only is her face a completely different shape, thanks to contouring, highlighting and blending, but her nose also looks much thinner as well! She goes from looking tired and a few years older than what she actually is to looking completely gorgeous and glamorous and she has ditched the blotchiness and pimples. The bordeaux lipstick is also a great finishing touch.