15 Awesome Easter Eggs Of Simple Stuff


Here at Boredbug, we’ve published countless articles about Easter eggs. Be it real ones or the ones we find in games and movies. We see Easter eggs in movies, games, and sometimes, in real life. They are the out-of-the-ordinary things we find amazing, awesome, and sometimes, surprising. But sometimes, easter eggs need not to be necessarily found in hard to spot places in movies and video games. Sometimes, easter eggs can be found in our everyday items, we just need to look closely! Check out 15 of our everyday items that’s chuck full of awesome Easter eggs!

1. Chinese Take-out Box

If you’ve ordered Chinese food, there’s no need to wash that greasy plate on the sink anymore! The take out box is designed to be unfolded into a plate. You can even prop up the top sides of the box to curve your plate.