15 Batman Facts You’ve Never Heard Of!


Everyone knows about the Batman, he’s the guy running on rooftops instilling fear in the hearts of criminals wearing a black skin-tight rubber suit. He’s been around for 75 years and everyone has at least some knowledge about the Dark Knight.  But here’s a list of Batman facts you probably didn’t know about Gotham’s Caped Crusader.


Swash Buckling, Gun totting Batman

There are two things most commonly known about the Batman, first he doesn’t kill and second he doesn’t use guns, but both aren’t exactly true. In Batman’s early issues the caped crusader carried guns on his “utility belt” during patrols. Maybe he thought it was easier shooting someone in the face rather than being punched in the face, who knows? Bob Kane soon changed this, making Bruce hate guns, since it kind of killed his parents and everything.