The 15 Best Anime Superpowers To Have


We all know the feeling when you have work to do and your deadline is so close you might as well give it up. How wonderful would it be if you could just stop time or even better: rewinding time to the moment you actually should have started. Same goes for going super saiyan, this could put all fights to an end and can even safe earth from all kinds of threats. Sounds like total nonsense? Not in a world were anime powers are reality!

1. Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z)

Just like in the intro, going super saiyan means getting so powerful you can take down everything that stands in your way. This power makes your hair go blond and multiplies the user’s normal amount of power with 50 times. The only restriction for this is that you’ve got to be a Saiyan though….

2. Being a zombie (Kore wa zombie desu ka/ Are you a zombie?)

To be honest, this power might not be as powerful like the others since it has got a lot of weaknesses and you can’t take down others with it in the blink of an eye. But still, being a zombie is awesome because unlike humans you can use up to 200% of your muscle strenght and it’s much harder for you to die. Just stay away from fire and sun and you’re ready to fight!