15 Bra Myths That Are Simply Not True


Ok ladies, time to test your knowledge!  How much of this is fact and how much is fiction?  We hear a lot of things about bras in our growing up years– it’s time to find out the truth!  Here are 15 bra myths that are simply not true.

1. Wearing a training bra would encourage breasts to grow

Uh, false.  They’ll grow in their own good time.  Putting on a training bra won’t make it happen any faster but it might get you used to wearing a bra.


2. Sleeping in your bra makes them perkier

Um, nope.  Sleeping in a bra doesn’t do anything for your boobs…except maybe constrict them more. Take it off, woman!


3. Not wearing a bra is bad for your boobs

Most women think this is true…but it’s not!  This only allows them to be in their most natural form.  Yes, they’ll sag more than if they were being held up in a bra, but you can do whatever you feel is most comfortable.


4. Your bra should be clasped on the tightest hook

When you buy a new bra, you should actually be able to clasp it on the last hook.  Why?  Bras stretch out over time and you’ll need those other hooks to make it still fit after stretching occurs.


5. Average size is a 34B

We actually don’t know what an average bra size is!  Women vary in shape and size and so, there’s really no such thing as ‘average.’  Your breasts are great just the way they are!


6. Underwire bras increase risk to cancer

No.  Some study came out and made people think they trapped toxins in, but it’s simply not true. 


7. All bra sizes are created equal

No way!  Sizes vary from store to store and even between brands the sizing can be very different.  The only way to know if a bra will fit right is to try it on.


8. You can wear a single bra for several years

Well…you could but you shouldn’t.  Bras stretch out and don’t support your girls like they should after about 8 months.  You should have several bras that you rotate through to make them last longer.


9. Bras make boobs sag faster

No…if anything– it’s the opposite!  Bras hold your breasts up and keep the ligaments from stretching downward and preventing ‘the sag.’


10. A light-colored bra is less visible

Nope– you can still see white through a shirt.  A nude or flesh-colored bra is the least visible.


11. Bras should be washed weekly

You want to get all the dirt and stuff off them so they don’t lose their elasticity.  You can wash bras more often than once a week, as long as it’s on delicate and you air-dry them.


12. Cup size is more important than band size

The band is actually what’s doing most of the work– so it’s important to get the right fit each time you get a new bra.


13. It’s ok to wear the same bra for a few days in a row

Give them a break.  This will help the elastic to last longer.


14. A good bra lasts a few years

Unfortunately, bras don’t last all that long.  Not if you want things held up properly, that is.


15. You should wash your bra in Woolite

Noooooo.  This breaks down the elastic in your bra.  Don’t wash it in Woolite.