The 15 Creepiest Places On Earth


If we had a nickel for every creepy place humans have unintentionally created, we would likely be billionaires, swimming in a pool filled to the brim with a large pile of cash within our mini-mansion (that happens to be located in the courtyard of our main mansion). Here is a list containing just a fraction of some of the creepiest places on Earth. Why is it that humans produce such creepy things?

Mirny Diamond Mine, Eastern Siberia, Russia

The mine here takes the cake as the second largest man-made hole in the world. Stalin had demanded that this giant hole be dug into the Earth, due to the large amount of industrial diamond needed by the Soviet Union. It was eventually abandoned after it started becoming too difficult to continue digging.1. Mirny Diamond Mine

Nathaniel White’s House, New York

As if abandoned farm houses weren’t creepy enough, this house in New York housed a serial killer (known as Nathaniel White) in the 1990s. Nathaniel White went on to kill about 6 people, keeping most of their bodies within the abandoned house, or around the property. He was eventually located, arrested, and found guilty for his murders, and is still currently serving time in prison. 2. Nathaniel White House

Ryugong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

Ryugong Hotel is a 105 story hotel that was being constructed in North Korea just prior to a famine that struck the country. Having been abandoned for at least 16 years, construction started back up in 2008, and it was covered in US$150 million dollars worth of glass. The creepy part, though, is that the exterior looks fancy and completed, but its interior is still incomplete and broken down.3. Ryogong Hotel

Willard Asylum, New York

The Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane was an establishment built in 1869 and that closed in 1995. The asylum was capable of holding up to 4000 patients, and nearly half of the total patients that took up residence in the Willard Asylum ended up dying there. As time went on, they started trying to integrate people back into society, but that doesn’t make its history (and, by extension, its morgue) any less creepy.4. Willard Asylum

Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans, Louisiana

Once an fully operating amusement park, Six Flags Jazzland didn’t survive the damage from hurricane Katrina. Having been abandoned since the hurricane, some of the rides still stand to this day, though now much of the park is subject to graffiti and decay. A few companies have plans to try and redevelop the park, but it is unknown when this might happen.5. Jazzland

Gulliver’s Travels Park, Kawaguchi, Japan

Oh Japan, you so crazy! This theme park opened in 1997, and was mildly successful for the time it was active. The park only stayed open for 10 years, however, even after receiving financial help from the government of Japan. To this day, it is still abandoned. The only thing creepier than constructing a giant, fallen man is the haunted expression he has after having been abandoned for nearly a decade.6. Gulliver's Travels

Bannerman Castle, Pollepel Island, New York

Francis Bannerman VI built this castle to house surplus items from the American military after the war with the Spanish. Nearly 200lbs of ammunition had exploded in 1920, however, and destroyed most of the castle, and what little parts remained were abandoned.7. Bannerman Castle

Disney’s Discovery Island, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Discovery Island was a wildlife attraction that was featured in the centre of Disney World. While it is unknown why exactly the attraction was left to decay, it is rumoured that it was abandoned after bacteria capable of killing humans was discovered in the water that surrounds the ride.8. Disney's Discovery Island

Aniva Rock Lighthouse, Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia

Aniva island was wanted by both Russia and Japan, though it is currently in possession of Russia, and is currently uninhabited. It is located in the seas between Japan and the eastern coast of Russia.9. Aniva Rock Lighthouse

Canfranc Rail Station, Spain

The Canfranc Rail Station was once part of an international railway that lead through Spain and into France. In 1970, a major accident happened that caused a nearby bridge to become destroyed, closing the rail link between the two countries. As such, the Canfranc Rail Station was abandoned, and still remains abandoned to this day.10. Canfranc Rail Station

Holy Land USA, Waterbury, Connecticut

What is it with theme parks and their abandoned creepiness? Holy Land USA was a theme park designed around the passages and stories from the Bible. At its peak (roughly 55 years ago), the park managed to bring in 40,000 visitors a year. It was closed in the mid 80s, though much of the park was not demolished and still exist today.11. Holy Land USA

Domino Sugar Refinery, New York City, New York

The Domino Sugar Refinery was the first refinery created and used by the American Sugar Refining Company, and produced the Domino brand of sugar. The complex was built in 1882, and is still used today, though it stopped refining operations in 2004, leaving parts of the area abandoned. 12. Domino Sugar Refinery

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, Michigan

Central Station was a passenger rail depot for Detroit, and was finished being built by 1913. At the time, it was the tallest train station in the world. It was finally closed in 1988, and has been abandoned since. Multiple restoration plans have been created to try and maintain the building (or what is left of it), but all have failed so far.13. Michigan Central Station

El Hotel del Salto, Columbia

El Hotel del Salto was a hotel constructed near the Tequendama falls in 1928. It pandered to wealthy tourists visiting the waterfalls, though the waterfalls eventually became contaminated and stopped getting visitors. As such, the hotel became abandoned, and now these haunting ruins are all that is left.14. El Hotel del Salto, Columbia

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eastern State was one of the first penitentiaries to feature the modern design still used today. It was in use from 1829 to 1972, and is now a national landmark. The design used in Eastern State set the bar for future penitentiaries at the time, and the prison held such famous criminals as Willie Sutton and Al Capone.15. Eastern State Penitentiary