The 15 Creepiest Places On Earth


If we had a nickel for every creepy place humans have unintentionally created, we would likely be billionaires, swimming in a pool filled to the brim with a large pile of cash within our mini-mansion (that happens to be located in the courtyard of our main mansion). Here is a list containing just a fraction of some of the creepiest places on Earth. Why is it that humans produce such creepy things?

Mirny Diamond Mine, Eastern Siberia, Russia

The mine here takes the cake as the second largest man-made hole in the world. Stalin had demanded that this giant hole be dug into the Earth, due to the large amount of industrial diamond needed by the Soviet Union. It was eventually abandoned after it started becoming too difficult to continue digging.1. Mirny Diamond Mine

Nathaniel White’s House, New York

As if abandoned farm houses weren’t creepy enough, this house in New York housed a serial killer (known as Nathaniel White) in the 1990s. Nathaniel White went on to kill about 6 people, keeping most of their bodies within the abandoned house, or around the property. He was eventually located, arrested, and found guilty for his murders, and is still currently serving time in prison. 2. Nathaniel White House