15 Curious And Bizarre History Facts


We all know that history is full with interesting facts, personalities and much more… But it’s also full with weird, crazy and curious facts. The following list can’t be considered exhaustive; but we may learn something new from the history facts listed here.

#1 Albert Einstein’s Last Words

We all know how ingenious Einstein’s mind was. Even today, his theories proove to be true.
Anyway, moments before his death, he pronounced something to the nurse who was close to his bed. But what he said remains a mystery: he spoke in German and the nurse couldn’t understand the German language.


#2 Sliced Bread

Sliced bread was “invented” only in 1928. This sound weird. You may think that people didn’t had sliced bread before. But this is it: a German jeweller (named Otto F. Rohwedder) invented the sliced bread in the year mentioned before. And here the facts gets weirder: he worked on his invention for about 16 years.