15 Dance Routines That’ll Leave You Speechless


Since the beginning of dance, it has been a beautiful form of expression and storytelling. As the world has evolved through time, dance has evolved with us. Throughout time, there have been many beautiful dances, but here are fifteen dance routines that will leave you absolutely speechless.

1. Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra

This awesome Tron Dance, performed by Wrecking Orchestra, is so entertaining to watch. Wrecking Orchestra’s LED suits are insanely cool, and the way the group plays with the light effects only makes them cooler. The Tron Dance also shows off how talented the dancers in the Wrecking Orchestra are. If even one dancer didn’t hit their mark, the entire dance would be thrown off. Luckily, that didn’t happen for them.

2. Say Something performed by Amy Yakima & Robert Roldan


Say Something by A Great Big World became such a popular song because of the meaning behind the lyrics, and So You Think You Can Dance is known for having amazing stories behind the choreography. When the two collide, it creates a beautiful contemporary masterpiece that will leave you speechless.