15 Date Night Ideas Let You Save Money And Stay Home


Date night is an important pastime.  Married (and dating) couples need time to be with each other and talk, laugh and play.  Without this important time, it’s easier for relationships to fall apart.  Whether you’ve got some kids, little time or no money to go out–we’ve got you covered.  These 15 date night ideas let you save money and stay home.

1. Living room camp out

Get out all your favorite camping gear and set it up in your living room.  Sleep in your tent, hang out in your tent chairs and make tinfoil dinners.

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2. Karaoke night

Put the kids to bed and then get ready to sing your hearts out!  Sing your favorite songs together or take turns serenading one another!

Couple singing together in karaoke bar, smiling --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

3. DIY photoshoot

How many pictures do you have together?  Probably not many!  Get out your camera and tripod or use your Photo Booth to take some silly and serious photos of the two of you.  You might end up with a new favorite.


4. All dressed up with nowhere to go

Get dressed up in your fanciest attire (think prom/wedding dress) and have a romantic candlelit dinner at the table.


5. Create dream dates

Ask each other questions about your ideal date night and write down the answers.  Later on you can both work to make those dreams a reality for each other.


6. Go dancing

Make a space for dancing in your living room and then turn it into a club!  Get your clubbing gear on and bump and grind.  Or if you’re in more of a slow jam mood, turn the lights down low and slow dance together while holding hands.


7. Taste another culture

Make dinner together from a different culture, like Thai, Indian or Korean food.


8. Write out the story of how you met

Your kids will love reading this someday!  Write together the story of how you fell in love, from both points of view and print and put into a book.


9. Theme night

This could be any kind of theme you want– 50’s night, 70’s disco, Asian night, Latino night, Italian night.  Make food that matches the theme, dress up to match it and watch a movie or do something theme-related.  The ideas are endless.


10. Crepes in Paris

Make crepes together with yummy toppings like Nutella, strawberries and powdered sugar.  Then try drawing each other into funny caricatures.  You’ll be sure to laugh!


11. Do a dream home tour

Go on a romantic drive together around your neighborhood or a neighborhood with homes you both love.  Look for details that you like and write down all the things you want your own dream home to have.


12. Hammock date

Set your hammock out in the yard and swing together all snuggled up and talk for hours under the stars.


13. S’mores and a campfire

Make a tiny fire in your own yard and then sit around it with blankets, hot chocolate and some yummy s’mores.


14. Spa night

Relax in a bubble bath together and give each other massages afterwards.  Very cozy and romantic!


15. Music night

Get out all your instruments (or your favorite music if you don’t play any instruments) and jam out together!