These 15 Flawless Pictures Will Show You The True Power Of Makeup


The power of make-up is shown as you search Youtube and come across make-up tutorials, but the full power of make-up is sometimes beyond our grasp. Its a huge tool for women to use, and some can do magical things with it. These photos will amaze you, so check out these 15 flawless pictures that will show you the true power of makeup!

#1 Neutral


This is a more neutral look, which just evens out her skin tone. Add a glossy lip and soft eyeliner, shadow and mascara and it creates soft smoky eye. This makeup transformation isn’t exactly amazing, but this is a very pretty look.

#2 Dramatic


This makeup look is admittedly amazing, but very, very dramatic. Bright purple eye shadow and obviously false eyelashes make her eyes seem larger. Gold lipstick is a very obvious no, but as it matches the gold eye shadow on her lid and inner crease, so its not so bad. It is amazing how perfect her skin looks, though.