15 Fun Ways to Dye Your Hair for Summer


8. Reverse Ombre

There are many different ways that an ombre dye job can be done, but if you want to stray away from the usual, you can always go for a reverse ombre. You’ll start out with light roots and fade into a darker color at the ends of your hair. This is a bit more difficult to maintain, especially if you have dark hair and will need frequent root touchups but it still looks great.



9. Fire Ombre

Red hair is a hot trend and many women find themselves ditching their blonde or brunette to be a fiery red. One of the most fun things you can do with red hair is to dye it into a fire ombre. You’ll want to start with a deep, dark red at the roots of your hair and fade it into an orangey-gold color at the ends. This is also a great way to rock your hair right into autumn.