The 15 Funniest & Bizarre Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen


For those of you who don’t know, ‘cosplay’ is the practice of dressing up as your favorite characters from movies, games, TV shows, and more. A lot of people, especially those who are huge, hardcore fans, spend months planning their costume to get their cosplay just right. For others, however, the process is all fun and games. That, or they change their minds at the very last minute and use whatever household items they can to create their costume. Here are the 15 funniest and bizarre cosplay you have ever seen. Be prepared to howl. 

#1 Megafail

This cosplay, inspired by the game character Mega-Man, is not completely disastrous, and the way he used bits of ‘recycled’ material is, uh, creative, we guess… but it’s pretty far off from the real thing. Poor dude clearly thought he’d nailed it.


 #2 The Big Team Rocket

This giant version of James or Jessie from Team Rocket is a good example of not every cosplay being successful. The clothes are Jessie’s, the hair color is James’, and the huge stomach is what… Bulbasaur’s?!


 #3 Star Worst

This group of friends were only trying to pay homage to their favourite movie of all time, “Star Wars”, but as we can see, they failed pretty miserably. The galaxy is now in even more danger with these guys scurrying around. The most hilarious one is R2D2, represented by, uh, a trash can. *Lmao*.


 #4 The Bizarre Iron Man

Sure, the colors and unmistakable helmet is recognizable to everyone, but truth be told, Tony Stark would probably feel a little ashamed if this is what he had to wear as he’s going around saving humanity. Sellotape, at the ready!


 #5 The Shame Of The Galaxy

Here’s another cosplay inspired by Star Wars, but once again, they failed. What the hell has that dude strapped to his head to imitate Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle? The icing on the cake is using a bucket for the head of the C-3PO. Hilarious!


 #6 The Urban Patrick

Simple, easy, and so damn funny… this cool guy got a lot of lol’s when he used four plastic cones to transform himself into Patrick Star from “Spongebob Squarepants”. He is like God to us. We absolutely love this.


 #7 Weird Wolverine

We’ve seen some pretty weird stuff in our time, but we’ve never seen such a bizarre version of ‘Wolverine’ before. What on earth is he planning to do with those claws? And why is he using a butterfly paper cut-out as a mask? He probably found it last-minute in his little sister’s room and thought “Hey, why not?” You failed.


 #8 Wonder Woman

Sometimes, ageing is not so kind to some people as it might be to others. In the past, we’d gaze at Wonder Woman and marvel at her beauty, but now, she appears to be pretty worse for wear. The guy’s face in the background just says it all, really.


 #9 The Creepy Simpsons

We don’t know about you guys, but this Simpsons cosplay is giving us the goosebumps. All we can say is that it’s definitely a good idea for a family Halloween costume. Try looking at little Lisa without feeling creeped out. It’s impossible!


 #10 The Maleficent

A paper crown, a pillow, a purple towel and a dash of white paint is all this creative dude needed to transform himself into Maleficent, the evil Queen from Disney’s “Snow White”. However, somehow, we don’t think he’ll win himself any awards for his efforts. Well done for getting a laugh out of us, though.


 #11 Ariel After The Divorce

Bad days come, even for beautiful Disney princesses. Just look what happened to poor Ariel… divorced from Eric, depressed, and morbidly obese. So, so sad.


 #12 Retired!

This is exactly the kind of picture that makes you feel old as sh*t. Remember seeing little Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls” save the world? Now look at her, 30 years older, retired, and totally out of shape. Instead of being hot like we thought she’d be, she looks more like a butch lesbian. Just one more sad ageing transformation to add to the long list.


 #13 Thor, is that you?!

We’re not quite sure if this new Thor, with CDs stuck to him and a yellow plastic bag for hair, will ever save the Earth with the supersonic hammer he’s carrying. Let’s pray, folks.


 #14 He-Man

We’re not sure what you guys think about this cosplay, but all we can say is that we feel sorry for the poor dog.


 #15 Robocake

Wanna know Alex Murphy’s secret to combatting the crime in Detroit? Just stick some cake tins and strips of foil to you, and you’re good to go. And don’t forget – bon appetit!