15 Funny Wedding Announcements From Unlucky Couples!


Weddings are great! It is a way to unite couples in holy matrimony, to make them live with each other through thick and thin, and till death to them part! It is also, though optional, a choice for a woman to adopt a man’s last name. When this is in their favor, they announce it to the public. Because having your husband’s last name is one thing a girl have always dreamed of, right? Well, in these cases, we’re pretty sure they’d like to stick to their last names! Check out these failed, yet funny wedding announcements from unlucky couples who just happened to have unlucky last names together!


1. Mr. and Mrs. Partee-Moore

We bet they Parteed hard during their wedding day!


2. Mr. and Mrs. Traylor-Hooker

It’s even funnier if the husband took her last name!



3. Mr. and Mrs. Butts-McCracken

Yeah, but how many Crystal Butts do you marry?



4. Mr. and Mrs. Best-Lay

And their last name came to light during their honeymoon. *winks*



5. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy-Harr

Do they occasionally hang out with Mr. and Mrs. Looney-Loo?



6. Mr. and Mrs. Wang-Holder

Apparently, the girl accepted their fate after their wedding.



7. Mr. and Mrs. Filler-Quick

Ten years into their marriage and they’ve got 8 kids. Talk about filling something quick!



8. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver-Wetter

The smug look on the girls face knows she bout to get something, something!



9. Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald-Berger

Wouldn’t it be funnier if their child was named Big Mac?



10. Mr. and Mrs. Gowen-Getter

Obviously, Mr. Gowen went and Getter a marriage she wanted!



11. Mr. and Mrs. Fillerup-Standing

Which they did later that night.



12. Mr. and Mrs. Looney-Warde

“We’ve decided to move in with them.” Mr. and Mrs. Hardy-Harr



13. Mr. and Mrs. Kuntz-Dick

Aptly described what they both have!



14. Mr. and Mrs. Busch-Rash

And that was the day Mr. Busch realized he made a huge mistake.



15. Mr. and Mrs. Long-Wiwi

Seriously, do they even proofread these wedding announcements?