15 Gaming Creepypasta


The game industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. With new games coming almost everyday, game companies gain more and more money. But even if this is a very fascinating world, some dark tales exist between games.

Here’s a list of 15 gaming creepypastas. Keep in mind that some of these games can still be found; but beware that if something goes bad, I do not take any responsibility!

#1 Luna Game

The Luna Game was a game that could be found in Equestria Daily, a My little pony fansite.The creator and uploader is unknown and the game was quickly removed from the website. This because it was full of violent content and jump scares.


#2 The Hall Of Tortured Souls

Back in the ‘90s, when Microsoft produced the Excel 95 software, a very creepy game was added. It is called The hall of tortured souls. Aside from the weird game scenario, in one of the rooms, the player could find some shots of Microsoft’s dead team.