15 Most Gorgeous Women In Sports


Is there anything hotter than a hot girl who also happens to be good in sports?

While it’s true that the male athletes are the ones who get the most coverage in almost all major sports programming networks, there are lots of gifted female athletes today kicking ass in a various sports. Aside from being incredibly great in their respective sport of choice, many of them are also easy on the eyes.

Fortunately, we here at Bored Bug have made it our solemn duty to bring out these gorgeous women’s talents and dazzling beauty out of the shadows and into the spotlight where they belong. Without further ado, here are15 most gorgeous women in sports who can probably beat you in your favorite sport. And look good while doing it, too.

1. Ronda Rousey

Sport: MMA

Don’t be fooled by that sweet smile, this cutie can beat you to a pulp in less than a minute. Ronda Rousey has been making some raves in and out of UFC as a merciless fighter inside the Octagon and a trash talking, sexy bad ass. This undefeated bantamweight champion has an Olympic medal for Judo and a string of devastating victories in her short MMA career. She also claims that sex is the best kind of fight preparation.



2. Jelena Dokic

Sport: Tennis

This Australian hottie has won over six tournaments since her tour in 1998. Although she’s no longer in the top 10, Jelena Dokic belongs to an exclusive group of tennis players to have won WTA tournaments on all surfaces ((hard court, carpet, grass and clay.