15 Habits Of Happy Moms


Sometimes it’s really hard to be a mom!  Here are 15 habits that can make your life with littles a little bit easier!  Here are 15 habits of happy moms.

1. Get some zzzz’s

It’s hard enough to function as a new mom– try to live on very little sleep and see how you feel.  It’s the closest thing to being an actual zombie.  Getting more rest during the day or whenever you can will help supremely.


 2. Mommy time

Of course it’s important to spend time with your littles…but it’s also incredibly important for mom to have some time for herself!  Whether it’s at the gym, going to the store, taking a relaxing bubble bath or reading a book– give mom some of her own time.


 3. Laugh until you pee your pants

Sometimes, you just have to let go and laugh at things that happen during the day.  Spilled milk? Laugh it off.  Tantrums at the store?  Laugh in the car about it.  Kids trying to be silly?  Laugh at their antics– they’ll love it.


 4. Cuddle time

Happy moms cuddle their kids every chance they get, which is smart since those chances diminish through grade school and then disappear altogether by the time your former cuddler gets her driver’s license.


 5. Ask for help

Happy mothers are not afraid to ask for help from family and friends. While morose, martyred moms miss those out-of-town weekends and movie nights with their husband because they can’t find a babysitter or a willing relative, Very Happy Moms just say, “Please.”


 6. Get out of the house– now!

Have you been outside today? Fresh air, sunlight, and nature are believed to be critical mood enhancers for women, and moms can get this little lift while pushing strollers or swings. Look around that playground. Who looks happy? Go talk to her, right now.


 7. Plan a vacation

Getting away with your loved ones helps you remember why you love them so much (and why you do so much for them).  Plan a trip– even if it’s not coming up for a while, it will still give you something to look forward to.


 8. Go to the gym

To a mom, exercise can feel almost self-indulgent — after all, you’re doing something for yourself, in the company of other grown-ups. And that’s part of the buzz. So, get out and go to the gym– your mind and your body will thank you.


 9. Be happy with what you have

The happiest moms don’t compare and compete. Neither they, nor their kids, nor their cars, nor their houses have to be the smartest, cutest, newest, or neatest. The green-eyed monster has chewed up the happiness of many a mom.


 10. Give more

Most happy moms make doing things for others a regular part of their lives, whether it’s baking a lasagna for a family with a new baby or offering a ride to an elderly friend. Remember: Your helpfulness is another deposit in the karma bank.


 11. Have mom friends

Very Happy Moms have close mom friends. Knowing that others are in the trenches with you is key. From the super-petty issues to the deadly serious crises, it’s so important to have a girlfriend you can call and complain with…even better if she can become your park buddy or gym friend.

Moms taking care of their children

 12. Take care of yourself

Very Happy Moms sometimes buy themselves flowers, just in case no one else has thought of it. They meet their husbands for lunch, get a facial, or go shopping…just because.


 13. Forgive and forget

Very Happy Moms know that even the best of us have days from hell. They let those days go, and get on with exercising and vacation planning.


 14. Bend the rules

One of the best things about being the person who makes the rules is bending them.  Very Happy Moms know when to turn the mundane into magic.


 15. Look to the future

When your happy buzz threatens to slip away altogether, remind yourself that “This too shall pass.” It works both ways: Either you get through the terrible stuff by knowing it’s not forever, or you put it into perspective by reminding yourself that the good stuff — the sticky kisses, the cute little tutus — will also soon be gone.