15 Images From The Simpsons That Are Actually Parodies Of Famous Historical Events


Another great reason to love The Simpsons is the way the show teaches us about our history. The longest-running American sitcom has, over the years, made parodies that take inspiration from iconic images of the past that range from pop culture to political.

For your enjoyment, here are some of The Simpsons‘ super clever and humorous takes on famous historical events that helped shape our great nation.

1. The Simpsons family having their lunch on a scaffold.


This scene was actually inspired by the photograph “Lunch atop a Skyscraper”. This iconic image was taken on September 20, 1932 on the RCA building’s 69th floor and is regarded as an “important piece of American history”.


2. A festive gathering of people in the woods …


… was actually inspired by this famous photograph of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.