15 Kids Who Got Stuck In The Most Ridiculous Way


Kids are curious, adventurous and brave…that is, until they get stuck somewhere and can’t move around anymore.  They’ll howl for their mom to get them out…but we can’t believe some of the crazy ways they got themselves stuck!  Here are 15 kids who got stuck in the most ridiculous way.

1. The girl who got stuck in a toilet

Well, this is funny but it happens to the best of us.  This is the result when your bum isn’t big enough to fit on the seat.


2. The boy who got hooked on a fence

Talk about an ultimate wedgie!  This kid got the greatest wedgie of all time after getting himself caught on a chain link fence.


3. The kid who got stuck in a chair

Little kids love to stick their heads in everything they can.  The problem is, they can get their head in but not back out again.


4. The kid who fell in a toilet

Once you make the transition from little potty to big potty, things can go wrong really fast.


5. The boy who got stuck in a couch

Couches are fun to jump and bounce on…until you fall in and then you’re basically screwed.


6. Kid who got stuck in a claw machine

Honestly, we’re pretty impressed that he even managed to get in there.  He should get some points.


7. Kid who got a pot stuck on his head

Don’t worry– the thumbs up means that he’s ok!  He stuck in head in a pot and then had to go to the doctor to have it removed.


8. The kid who got stuck in his crib

He’s waving because he’s so proud that he managed to escape the jail.


9. The boy who got stuck on a tree branch

His feet may be touching the ground but his shirt is caught on a branch so he can’t move at all.


10. The kid who got stuck in a camp chair bag

I mean, at least he’s all smiles, right?


11. The kid who got stuck in a lounge chair

This isn’t the best way to get a tan.


12. The girl who was stuck in her mom’s phone

Take a picture of your kids pressed up against glass and then save it to your screen saver on your phone so it looks like they’re stuck in your phone.


13. The kid who somehow got his head stuck in a concrete barrier

This seems dangerous but everything turned out ok.  Firefighters were able to safely remove him without too much injury.


14. The girl who got stuck in a railing

Those darn railings– they make it so hard to kids to play without getting stuck!


15. The kid who got stuck in a wheel well

We aren’t sure how she got in there but we’re glad someone took a picture and then got her out safely.  Kids get themselves in the craziest situations!