15 Legendary Lost Treasures That Are Still Up For Grabs


Channel your inner treasure hunter with these lost treasures that may or may not be true (although countless people have gone out in search of them with limited to no success at all). From lost crown jewels to missing golden eggs that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, check out this intriguing selection of 15 real-life lost treasures. FYI, these treasures are still unclaimed up to this moment – or at least they were, before we posted this article. Happy Hunting!

1. Black Beard’s Treasure

In the 1700s, the fearsome pirate Blackbeard terrorized the Atlantic coast, stealing and plundering goods and treasure with his cannon ship and vicious crew. In 1718, he was decapitated by British Lieutenant Robert Maynard, leaving behind legends of treasure. In 1996, what was believed to be Blackbeard’s ruined ship was discovered near North Carolina, but the loot remains unfound. If you are interested, you can start looking for it at the Caribbean Islands, Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay and the Cayman Island caves.

Black Beard's Treasure

2. King John’s Lost Crown Jewels

King John was known as having an affinity for stealing gold and other precious jewels for both himself and his soldiers. In October of 1216, King John set out for Norfolk but halfway across, he fell ill with an attack of dysentery which forced him to go back to Newark Castle on a longer but safer road. His baggage train which included his treasure, however, took a shorter but much dangerous route across the marshes. The horse-drawn wagons moved too slowly for the incoming tide, and many were lost, including the treasure carts. The 70 million dollar collection of jewels was never found.

King John’s Lost Crown Jewels