15 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses


Computer viruses can be a very big threat if you don’t know hot to defend your machine. Anyway, this list will inform you about the worst and most dangerous computer viruses of all time. But, even if today’s anti-virus softwares promise a full protection, some of them can be, not only annoying, but also extremely dangerous.

#1 Code Red

This virus takes its name from the drink some employees of EDS (Eye Digital Security) were drinking. The virus came as an e-mail attachment but you don’t have to open it: in order to infect your system, the virus only needed an internet connection.

Overall, this virus damaged millions of computers around the world.

Code Red ver


The ILOVEYOU virus spread in 2000. It came as an e-mail attachment with the name “Love Letter For You.txt.vbs.” and it was so powerful that it infected millions and millions of computers in only one night.

This virus “sends” itself to the other contacts in your mails addresses in the address book and also damages your media files in your PC.