15 Most Polluted Cities On Earth


With time, pollution has become a big problem, especially in big cities. Today, various environmental protection groups are trying to save the Earth from the always increasing pollution. Since the air quality is very poor, it is incredibly easy for the citizens of these cities to fall ill. Here’s a list which shows the 15 most polluted cities on Earth. Who can we blame for these disasters?

#1 Kabwe

Country: Zambia

Kabwe is a very polluted city because of two elements: lead and cadmium. According to a research, people have very high levels of lead and cadmium in their blood. This, of course, has greatly reduced the life expectancy.


#2 Norilsk

Country: Russia

The city of Norilsk is very polluted because of its melting complexes. In the area, many chemical elements can be found (like Platinum, Nickel, Cobalt and more…) and this has reduced the life expectancy of about 10 years. This because of the sulfur dioxide (SO2) produced by factories here, which is very harmful for the human body.