15 People With Real Super Powers


Forget about the Justice League or The Avengers, it turns out we have real people with real super powers around us. But instead of having Adamantium claws or moving things with their minds, these real life X-men have revolving heads and um … tummies of steel.

So why waste time standing in line for some fake Hollywood movie? Here’s some amazing people with real super powers!

1. The Human Anvil

Gino Martino is not like most people. He has an amazing super human skull that allows him to break steel bars and concrete over his head! This Human Anvil can withstand having bowling balls dropped onto his super hard head from a height of 15 feet. He also holds the Guinness world record for having the most concrete blocks split over is head – 45.


2. Gary “Stretch” Turner

This guy has the amazing ability of having hyper-elastic skin. Mr. “Stretch” has skin so loose and stretchy that he can pull out his belly skin and turn into a table that’s capable of holding 3 pints of beer. Why anyone would want to be served beer from a skin table is beyond me but if you’re into that kind of thing, then this guy is your man.