15 GIFs To Prove Why Pets And Technology Is A Hilarious Combination


Whenever we look around us, we always seem to be surrounded by technology. Smartphones, super computers, TVs, game consoles, iPods… you name it. We cannot escape them, but at least the majority of us have a good understanding and grasp of how technology works in general. Pets, on the other hand… well, that’s a whole different story. They’re probably so confused with the whole thing that we can’t even imagine the kind of world they’re living in. Just to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here’s a selection of 15 awesome and hilarious GIFs to prove that perhaps animals are a little lost when it comes to all things technological.

#1 Mixing Feelings

How mean is this chick playing this prank on her lazy boyfriend? Well, in a sense, it’s a pretty good joke (don’t go getting any ideas, ladies…) She turned on a blender to full speed to wake the guy up with a fright, but ended up scaring the sh*t out of the little dog, too, who probably suffered with a heart attack due to the whole situation. He’ll never be the same again.