15 Photos To Prove Why Falling Asleep When Drunk Is NEVER A Good Idea


Every weekend is pretty much the same story: drinks, parties, friends and games, all of which make a great combination to really relax and enjoy the night… but sometimes, this carefree attitude can result in serious consequences, especially if your friends are the ‘prankster’ type. Just to show you how dangerous it is to fall asleep when drunk in the presence of your friends, we’ve selected 15 hilarious photos of poor guys who fell asleep after getting wasted, and got pranked pretty bad by their peers. Just remember, if you’re at a party and start getting tired… CALL A TAXI.

#1 The Formal Drunkard

This fella below committed the mistake of falling asleep after doing a hell of a lot of tequila shots, and look what happened to him. He’s now dressed in a smart suit, complete with a fancy red bow tie. It’s the most dapper he’s ever looked! We wonder how long it’ll take for him to scrub this off.