15 Pick Up Lines That Actually Work


Pick up lines are often seen as corny, cheesy and total failures.  Girls are usually not impressed by these comments and you are left alone and embarrassed.  But, never fear, my friend– here are 15 pick up lines that actually work– and this is according to women so you know it must be true.

1. “Tell me something about yourself.”

People love to talk about themselves and she’ll be flattered that you want to know more about her, rather that just raving about how she looks.  This is a win.


2. “I can’t stop looking at you.”

It’s very forward, flirtatious, not cheesy…but it’s borderline a little bit creepy so say it with a light smile and not like you’ve been staring at her for the past hour and a half.


3. “My friends over there are boring and I need someone interesting to talk to– can I talk to you.”

She’ll definitely bite on this one.  Most women love to talk and she’ll also love being called interesting over hot.


4. “I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?”

This is definitely a bit cheesy but if it makes her laugh, then you know that you’re good.  Just, please, for the sake of her sanity, only use one corny pick up line per night.  She’ll tire of them quickly.


5. “I definitely know you from somewhere… I wouldn’t have forgotten you.”

This is flattering because you’re claiming you wouldn’t forget a face like that.  It’s sweet and she’ll probably respond to it with a smile and claim that she has no clue who you are.


6. “Excuse me, would you like to dance?”

Not only is this a perfect ice-breaker, it’s also a way to get her away from her friends, instantly get close to her, and make her smile.  Yes, do this.


7.  “A you a Wi-Fi? cause I’m feeling a connection.”

Again, be careful of the cheesy lines…but this is kind of funny.  If she laughs, keep trying.  If she doesn’t, just apologize with a smile and back away nicely.


8. “I love your dress.”

This is a kind compliment, but please only use it if you mean it!  If she’s wearing a trashy short and low-cut piece, then she’ll know you are only after one thing.  But if you really do like the color, cut or pattern of her dress, it’s nice to let her know.


9. “Is the seat next to you taken?”

This is another kind way to get next to her and start up a conversation.  No weird lines needed here– just some honesty and sincerity.


10. “I would ask you if you’re from Tennessee but I think you’re a 9/10… and I’m the 1 you need.”

This is a funny break from an overused line and it could work if she laughs.  Be careful that she doesn’t get offended at you calling her a 9/10 though!


11. “Hey you…I swipe you right.”

This clever in-person reference to Tinder can make a smooth ice-breaker but don’t do it in a cocky condescending way.  Just let her know you think she’s cute and leave it at that.  If she’s into you, she’ll talk some more.


12. “You look like _____.”

Make sure you fill in the blank with someone that they actually resemble who is famous, beautiful etc.  As long as it’s actually a compliment, she’ll probably be flattered.


13. “Hi, my name is ________.”

This is sleazy, corny or weird.  You’re just introducing yourself and getting to know her.  She’ll love how straightforward you are and more than likely, you’ll start up a conversation.


14. “You look like someone [pause for two seconds with a smile] that I would like to meet.”

This works because you’re letting her know that you want to talk to her and then start to get to know each other.


15. “You know what material this is?” [Grab your shirt] “Boyfriend material.”

This one will help you win every single time. She’ll laugh and you are in.