15 Pieces of Kid Artwork as Tattoos


Kids love to make art work and most parents hang it proudly on the refrigerator on display, while others frame it. These 15 parents however loved their kid’s artwork so much that they decided to make it a bit more permanent. Here are 15 pieces of kid artwork as tattoos that will be the best display you can give your little artist.


1. Crown

This dad really loved his little princess and the crown she drew him so much, he decided to make it a permanent part of his body. This scribbly crown now graces this king’s wrist for the rest of forever. His daughter must be so proud.

Crown Tattoo


2. Superhero

This awesome parent got a tattoo of a superhero that their child drew for them. It’s very colorful and unlike any other superhero you’ll ever see. Maybe this is what the kid thought his dad looked like. Dads are superheroes, after all.



3. Scary Clown

This dad got a tattoo of a scary clown that his child drew. Clowns can be pretty scary, but this one isn’t so bad. At least dad didn’t think so when he got it inked onto his skin.



4. Watercolor Kitties

Kids love cats and this kid drew three of them with watercolors. These cats with a watercolor background are definitely a work of art, and the parent clearly though so too, getting them inked onto their leg.



5. I Love You Message

Even if your kids are not the type to sit down and draw you a picture because they’re just not that artistic, here is a tattoo a parent got of a very cute ‘I love you’ note from their kid. We think this is even more meaningful.



6. Superhero Emblem

This little one clearly thought that his or her mom was a really cool superhero, so they drew a picture of a superhero emblem. Mom was clearly so thrilled that she got it tattooed. We think this is pretty cool and mom now has a permanent emblem to show the world just how super she really is!

Super Emblem


7. Artist in Training

This little artist drew an entire picture of what looks to be a planet on legs and a person. While it’s hard to make out what was really going on here, this child clearly had a bright and artistic future and his parent decided to get the scene tattooed so that they could always remember the time when he was itty bitty.



8. Handwriting

Here we have a tattoo that a parent got of his child’s handwritten name and age. Its definitely a unique tattoo and one that no one else will ever have. Plus, it’s a great way to remember days when your child was small, because they seem to go by so fast.

Name and Age


9. Kid’s Names

This mom or dad loved their children so much that they had all of them write their names and draw a heart so that they could get it tattooed. Its a very cute idea and it’s a great way to make sure none of the kids in the family get left out.

Kids Names


10. Family Portrait

This little kid drew a family portrait of them with their mom and a flower. We think this is a super cute tattoo idea and its definitely unique and colorful.



11. A Message to Dad

Here’s a cute note, handwritten to dad, that he loved so much, he got it tattooed. As the kids get older, messages like this don’t come as easily, but this dad will carry his with him forever.

Daddy I love you


12. Doodled Tiger

This dad was clearly so very impressed by his daughter’s artwork that he got the whole drawing tattooed on his side. You can see a tiger, a plant, a flower, a heart and the sun all tattooed on dad’s side. She may have a future as a tattoo artist!



13. A Forever Feathered Friend

This little guy named Aiden drew his dad a beautiful and colorful bird. Dad loved the bird so much that he got it tattooed on his arm, as a constant reminder of Aiden’s colorful imagination.



14. Everything He Likes

This awesome parent went above and beyond when he was getting a tattoo dedicated to his son, Luke. He got Luke’s handwritten name, a dinosaur and a bright, red car tattooed on him. This is definitely all the thinks Luke likes and we think it’s adorable!

Everything he likes


15. Three’s Company

Kids love to draw stick figure families and this parent was so taken by their child’s artwork that they got the whole family as a tattoo. Even though it’s just circles and lines, it’s really adorable!

Stick Fam