15 Pieces of Kid Artwork as Tattoos


Kids love to make art work and most parents hang it proudly on the refrigerator on display, while others frame it. These 15 parents however loved their kid’s artwork so much that they decided to make it a bit more permanent. Here are 15 pieces of kid artwork as tattoos that will be the best display you can give your little artist.


1. Crown

This dad really loved his little princess and the crown she drew him so much, he decided to make it a permanent part of his body. This scribbly crown now graces this king’s wrist for the rest of forever. His daughter must be so proud.

Crown Tattoo


2. Superhero

This awesome parent got a tattoo of a superhero that their child drew for them. It’s very colorful and unlike any other superhero you’ll ever see. Maybe this is what the kid thought his dad looked like. Dads are superheroes, after all.