15 Problems Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 90’s Will Understand


You’ve got 99 problems but wi-fi ain’t one of them.  Well, at least it isn’t a problem anymore.  Remember back in the day when you had to wait for the computer to dial-up to the internet.  Or how about when you were a teen and had internet access on your phone but if you turned it on your parents would murder you because it cost so much money.  Those are some serious issues we’ve all had to face. Here’s 15 problems only kids who grew up in the 90’s will understand.

1. Buying a whole CD because you liked one song

It sucks when you loved the single on the radio, so the bought the entire CD (for $10-$20) and then found out the rest of the songs on the album sucked.  That was not a good day.


2. Getting separated from your ride at a big event like a game or concert

Well, now you’re screwed.  Nobody has cell phones to quickly find each other.  You either search for them endlessly or realize that somehow you’re gonna have to get a taxi ride home.


3. Taping your favorite song on the radio…and then the disc-jockey starts talking at the end

It’s a life-ruining event.


4. Spending all your allowance on a Creed CD

They were the coolest Christian rock band of the 90’s.  But after listening to the CD through a few times, you realize it really isn’t that great.


5. Trying to wait patiently for your internet page to load

This was always the worst when you were trying to research something or even worse when you were eager to chat with the cute boy from school on AIM.


6. You missed the channel you wanted on the scrolling TV guide

Now you’ll have to wait another five minutes for it to come around again.  This is the age of 500 useless TV channels.


7. Renting a movie and finding out as soon as you pop it in that it wasn’t re-wound

Now you’ll have to re-wind it yourself, which takes a few minutes and you’ll have to look away from the screen so you don’t see what happens in the movie in reverse.


8. Wanting to get online but your parents need the phone

Oh, those were the days when the internet and phone line were connected and if someone was online, people trying to call would get a busy signal.  So annoying!


9. Trying to listen to a CD during a run but the walkman keeps skipping

If you bump a walkman, it’ll pause it.  So, trying to run with a walkman was practically impossible.


10. Getting a new PC game and having to download all the different disks that came with it

Every time you wanted a new level, you had to change the CD’s.


11. Running out of icing for your cookies while eating Dunk-a-roos

It’s a sad, sad world we live in.  One without enough icing. 905

12. Telling people to meet you somewhere at a certain time and you show up and no one is there

All you can do is wait and hope they come because you have no way of reaching them now.


13. Accidentally ripping off a Beanie Baby tag

Great, now they’re worthless.

Popular Beanie Baby figures, from left: Silver, Amber, Beanie Kittens, and Pecan, a bear, rest on a store shelf Wednesday, Sept. 1, 1999, at a specialty store in Chicago.  Two weeks after saying it would no longer manufacture Beanie Babies, Ty Inc. said today that fans of the toys would have the last word on whether the production should be halted.  (AP Photo/Michael S. Green)

14. Wanting to call a cute girl from school but being scared her dad will answer

Nobody had personal cell phones yet– so if you called her house, it was likely that her parents would pick up the phone and you would be embarrassed!


15. When you had a school report to do so you had to go to the library

The internet wasn’t trusted enough to use as a resource, so you got struck scrolling through huge files at the library.