15 Problems Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 90’s Will Understand


You’ve got 99 problems but wi-fi ain’t one of them.  Well, at least it isn’t a problem anymore.  Remember back in the day when you had to wait for the computer to dial-up to the internet.  Or how about when you were a teen and had internet access on your phone but if you turned it on your parents would murder you because it cost so much money.  Those are some serious issues we’ve all had to face. Here’s 15 problems only kids who grew up in the 90’s will understand.

1. Buying a whole CD because you liked one song

It sucks when you loved the single on the radio, so the bought the entire CD (for $10-$20) and then found out the rest of the songs on the album sucked.  That was not a good day.


2. Getting separated from your ride at a big event like a game or concert

Well, now you’re screwed.  Nobody has cell phones to quickly find each other.  You either search for them endlessly or realize that somehow you’re gonna have to get a taxi ride home.